Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picking up where we left off...

...David of La Famiglia Dimitri introduces us to the rest of his amazing family!

You'll also meet Nina, my youngest sister. She's a great musician/singer. You'll be surprised at the volume of her voice. We often perform in large theaters and even then she never uses a microphone. Nina usually performs her own solo singing repertory. Nina lived in Bolivia for many years, where she met the father of her son. Her son Samuel is now a young man and just recently graduated from the Dimitri School. Samuel is a great acrobat and actor.

Masha, my other sister is just as incredible as Nina is. She has an amazing performing background. She used to tour with Cirque du Soleil for many years, back during the days when Soleil was founded. Masha is also a gifted director. She has directed several circus shows, theater plays and various other performances. Masha has been a great help to me in the project of La Famiglia Dimitri. She has managed the artistic part of the show so well. Integrating all the ideas and skills of all of us into the show was not an easy task. She would be the dream artistic director of any Broadway show. Very precise and demanding. Masha's daughter is Kira. Kira is 14 and will also be in New York with us.

Kira's father is Kai. A very important member of the cast. Kai is a creator, director and producer of incredible aerial acts. He has performed at festivals all over the world, including the International festivals of Monte Carlo, Moscow and China. For Kai, walking upside down is just as comfortable as walking right side up -- maybe even more so! New Victory audiences will get the picture when he performs his "floating man" act and tries to fly like the butterflies. Every show I watch him perform and I'm still fascinated.

And there is one more member of the Gang, our loyal Light Designer. Now, as you know, Light Designers don't usually get their hands dirty. But Christoph is different. He was, right from the start, fascinated about our show and wanted to be a part of it. He always finds time to go on tour with us. He is actually much overqualified for the job. We feel very lucky to have someone like him around.

I almost forgot, there is my whole family. My wife Christine and our kids Naomi 14, and Robin 12. Christine is a TV "anchor woman", she hosts a weekly political talk show on Swiss National TV. She is also the editor of 3 other TV talk shows. A busy woman. Sometimes I see her more often on the TV screen than in real life. We still manage to live a normal life, if you can call it that way in show business. Our daughter Naomi will come with me right from the start, as I want her to improve her English. My son Robin will only come over to New York with Christine.

Me, I'll tell you all about me when I get to New York. I hope you could decipher my English writing. I have too many languages stored up in my brain: German, Italian, French, Hungarian, as well as a few other Swiss dialects, a bit of Spanish and English. You all, we are really looking forward in meeting you soon.

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