Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What are they singing?

The Dimitris are a very musical family – in this show they play over a dozen different instruments from around the world, including the accordion, guitar, trumpet, clarinet, wooden flute, drums, and tuba, just to name a few. Nina plays the charango – a South American lute typically made out of an armadillo shell – and the Dimitris also incorporate instruments from their native Switzerland, like the traditional alp horn. They sing in several languages as well - Kai sings Italian classics and Nina sings in Spanish. Oh, and she yodels too!

The passionate songs that Nina sings throughout the performance are about butterflies and flowers, the earth and nature, dancing with joy and being filled with sorrow. Some are traditional Latin American songs, while others are contemporary compositions by Julio Lavayèn, Daniela Romo and Nina herself. The song that you hear repeated throughout the show is called “Mariposa” which means “the butterfly.” Here is a translation:

Mariposa by Julio Lavayèn

Mariposa elejida reina de las flores en la primavera
Butterfly, the queen of flowers in springtime

enseñame un poquito de tu vuelo,
teach me how to fly,

para encontrar la mas bella flor.
to find the most beautiful flower.

Mariposa antes fuiste gusanito ahora pretensiosa mariposa,
Butterfly, first you were a caterpillar and now proud butterfly,

no me niegues de tu vuelo.
don’t deny me your flight.

Quiero encontrar como tu mi amada.
I want to find, like you, my beloved one.

Mariposa antes fuiste gusanita ahora pretensiosa
Butterfly, first you where a caterpillar and now proud


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