Friday, May 15, 2009

Who are Gamarjobat?

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Ketch! (with the red mohawk) and HIRO-PON (with the yellow mohawk) have been performing together since 1999. They call themselves "Gamarjobat," which isn't a Japanese word at all, but means "Hello" in Georgian and their costumes consist of black suits accented with buttons from Blue Peter, a British children's television show.

This international outlook extends to their performance style, which transcends all cultural and language boundaries. They've presented their act at street fairs and theater festivals in more than 23 countries and have even recorded a TV pilot for the BBC that aired this past February to great acclaim.

Their Edinbugh Fringe Award-winning show "Rock 'n Roll Penguin" is playing to hysterical houses at The New Victory for just 2 more weeks— don't miss them!

To see more of their hilarious antics online, check out their YouTube channel:

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