Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tom Tom Crew, playing at the New Vic through June 14, features a cosmic collision of super-charged aerial antics and heart-pumping music.

Acrobat Daniel Catlow (that's him on one hand) and DJ Sampology answer a few questions:

You guys all come from different backgrounds--gymnastics, circus, drumming and beat boxing. How did you all meet?

Daniel: I’m one of the three circus performers who grew up together in a youth circus called “The Flying Fruit Fly Circus.” We performed together for many years and even graduated together. Shortly after graduation, we started working for Strut &Fret doing different types of shows so we’ve known each other for a very long time.
DJ Sam: For the rest of The Tom Tom Crew, myself included, the first time we performed together was at Woodford Folk Festival in Australia a little over 2 years ago.
Daniel: Yeah, we only met them a half an hour before our first show! Since then, we’ve formed really strong relationships as a group.

In the show, we see aerial straps, a teeter-board, even those odd pogo/kangaroo legs (readers: you'll have to see it to know what I'm talking about!) - How do you come up with your routines for the show?

Daniel: We work together with our producers and directors talking and trying out different combinations until we come up with something that we like, some of which are limited to what we can physically do at that time... We’ll also try out “trick orders” (routines that we’ve grown up doing) and alter them a little bit or fine tune them until we have our final product.

Music is such an integral part of your show and you've created a really exciting club environment. Who or what bands influence/inspire your music?

DJ Sam:
It would be easy to say that the music is inspired by hip-hop, but I also throw in some dubstep, drum and bass, even samba! I don't have any specific inspirations but pretty much all the music is original as written and performed by the music/sound team.
Daniel: For me (as one of the acrobats), I’m inspired and excited by the music these guys are making. It’s one of the driving forces behind the acrobatics as it gets us vibed and in the mood.

What music do you listen to when you're getting ready for a show? What music gets you really excited about going on stage?

DJ Sam: Actually, we don't usually play music in the green room before the show. That's not to say it's quiet though. Tom Thum and Ben Walsh usually have battles to see who can make the best sound effects for different situations; for example, Tom will challenge Ben to make the sound of a paper airplane landing in a waist high bush—it gets that specific…
Daniel: Definitely. Pre-show is all about Tom making weird noises and Ben warming up.

This is your U.S. Premiere. What excites you most about being in New York and what are some activities that you absolutely have to do before you leave?

Daniel: I think it’s fantastic that we’ve made it here! The show has developed so much from when we first started. I guess it shows just how much hard work we have all put in, performers and producers alike. I’m already half way down my list of things to do but I’m still yet to make it to the Statue of Liberty, the Bronx Zoo and the Guggenheim museum.
DJ Sam: I’m with Daniel on all the touristy stuff like Liberty, Central Park, Bronx Zoo…Personally, I am checking out all the good record stores that New York has to offer. I’ve already picked up some amazing second-hand music from around the city.

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