Monday, April 12, 2010

ON THE SPOT with Parallel Exit

We caught up with Parallel Exit after the opening night of TIME STEP. Read on to learn more about Danny Gardner, Derek Roland and Brent McBeth’s favorite NYC haunts – and stay tuned to catch up with the rest of the company later this week!

(photo: Pictured left to right: Danny Gardner, Derek Roland, Brent McBeth)

New Victory: Where did you grow up?
Danny Gardner: Reading, PA.
Derek Roland: Rochester, NY.
Brent McBeth: I grew up near Houston, Texas.

NV: Most memorable theatrical experience as a spectator?
Brent: The first time I saw Cirque Du Soleil's amazingly beautiful show "O" in Las Vegas. The stage was sometimes pool, sometimes solid stage and the change between the two happened instantaneously. It was one of the most visually stunning performances I have ever seen.

NV: Most memorable theatrical experience as a performer?
Brent: Performing the musical Fosse in Paris with Ben Vereen. As a young dancer, I used to watch the video of Bob Fosse's Pippin and study Mr. Vereen's every move. To be given the chance to perform with Mr. Vereen, in a show honoring Bob Fosse, in a place as magical as Paris, was one of the absolute greatest moments of my professional career.

NV: Favorite local tradition?
Danny: Performing in the subway.
Derek: Going to Sheeps Meadow in Central Park when it first gets warm outside.

NV: Favorite local food?
Danny: The cookies from Levain Bakery on west 74th street.
Derek: Delicious Falafel from Astoria!!! With tzasiki sauce of course!
Brent: Here in NYC, its Matzah ball soup from the Edison. But when in Texas, it’s all about the TexMex. Chips and queso y'all, that's all I am going to say.

NV: When you travel, what do you miss most about home?
Danny: The hustle and bustle of the city.
Brent: The warm embrace of a dog in your lap.

NV: Favorite local haunt?
Danny: Cafe Grumpy.
Derek: Euro Delights in Astoria for crepes!!! Great place to meet, eat and plan to conquer the world!

NV: Favorite saying or slang term?
Brent: Hey y'all!
Derek: Probably "snippets and tidbits" and " ka KAWWWW!" which was originally "er ERRRGH!"

NV: Favorite family activity?
Danny: Going to "Wonderland of Time Square" at the Times Square Performing Arts Center on 42nd street.
Brent: Eating has always been a big favorite in my family. Sometimes, entire trips are based around where we are going to eat.

NV: If you weren't a performer, what would you want to do with your life?
Danny: If anything was on the table I would choose professional eater and TV watcher.
Derek: Teach. I enjoy teaching and working with kids, since I basically am one still!

NV: Who is your tap hero/favorite tap performer?
Danny: Gene Kelly
Derek: Sooooo many to choose from!!!! But I’d have to say Jimmy Slyde. Gregory Hines was a big reason I started tap dancing. And of course the Nicholas Brothers, minus the splits!!

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