Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tweeting to TIME STEP


In order to gear up for TIME STEP with Parallel Exit, the New Vic has tweeted twenty tap facts leading up to tonight's opening.

Here is the list in its entirety - or join us on Twitter and search for #TapTweets!

1. Tap is one of the few truly American forms of dance- a mix of English clog dance, Irish step dance, African rhythms and dance moves.

2. The Shim Sham is a 100 yr old dance every tap dancer knows. The "National Anthem of Tap." http://bit.ly/boMNWH.

3. National Tap Dance Day is May 25, in honor of Bill "Bojangles" Robinson's birthday. http://bit.ly/9j3SX4

4. The “Time Step” is a step that can be used to set the tempo with a live band.

5. Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly only danced together on film once, in "Ziegfeld Follies."

6. A "Tap Challenge" is a jam session in which tap dancers trade and improvise steps.

7. The movie 42nd Street launched the career of actress, singer and tap dancer Ruby Keeler. http://bit.ly/9Qz0pl

8. A "hoofer" is a tap dancer who uses their whole foot to create sound.

9. Savion Glover, one of the greatest living tap dancers, provided the tap sounds for "Happy Feet." http://bit.ly/ceKvk9

10. Did you know that some tap steps are named after animals? There's the Buffalo, Flea Hop and Spread Eagle, to name a few.

11. Harold "Stumpy" Cromer is a living legend and the inspiration for TIME STEP.

12. Gregory Hines’ film Tap shows a tap challenge of aging hoofers - http://bit.ly/bgpnCR

13. New York City kids age 3 and up can learn to tap at the American Tap Dance Foundation – www.atdf.org

14. Frank Sinatra tap danced alongside Gene Kelly in Anchors Aweigh http://bit.ly/91WZdp

15. Where to buy top quality tap shoes? Try Capezio or La Duca! http://bit.ly/b4qp1E or http://bit.ly/adqs82

16. Parallel Exit's Ryan Kasprzak created this tap video for Dancers Responding to AIDS - http://bit.ly/PYBGV

17. The "flap" is a basic tap step in which you brush forward with the ball of your foot and then step on it.

18. Want to learn more about tap? Check out the International Tap Association – www.tapdance.org

19. Ginger Rogers matched Fred Astaire step for step - except backwards and in heels! http://bit.ly/9W0ZL8

20. PARALLEL EXIT from New York, New York opens TIME STEP tonight at the New Victory Theater! http://bit.ly/7r2TcA

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