Monday, June 28, 2010

Studio Week Shenanigans

Summer has arrived, and with it - New Victory Studio Weeks for June and July! Studio Weeks are 5 fun-filled days of learning circus skills, including diabolos, tumbling, juggling and more in the beautiful New 42nd Street Studios. When Friday rolled around, our clever campers tried their hands at some poetry to describe their week.
Check 'em out below!

Circus high
Circus low
Circus, circus, circus.
(New Vic Kid, age 8)

I jump high
High to the sky
Cause I am the circus
(New Vic Kid, age 9)

Fun fun fun
I’m having fun
Even though camp is almost
(New Vic Kid, age 10)

A trick on a mat
Roll away and come back
Games and skits
All you need are some wits
(New Vic Kid, age 12)

Camp at the New Victory Theater
Is victory for me
It is a theater of the future
Where everything is for me
(New Vic Kid, age 10)

Circus week is fun
I am never glum with circus fun
I love circus camp
(New Vic Kid, age 10)

I met new friends
We are learning so much
And it is so… FUN!
(New Vic Kid, age 9)

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