Monday, November 8, 2010

Quoth the #Raven, "Nevermore."

In honor of Nevermore: The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe, the New Vic has been tweeting Poe's famous poem, "The Raven." If you missed following #raven, here's the entire poem, as tweeted on Twitter.
As a prequel, read Poe's original text here, then let us know how we did!

Nar: Reading at midnight. It’s pretty awful outside. Good napping weather.
Nar: Could someone really be tapping at the door at this hour?
Nar: I’m just so sleeepy. I can’t stop thinking about her…. Lenore. I wish it was tomorrow.
Lenore: Without him no one will remember my name.

Nar: The purple curtains are loud and rustling and it is FREAKING ME OUT.
Nar: Oh someone’s at the door! It’s only a visitor at my door. Nothing more.
Nar: (opens the door) “I beg your pardon, I was napping & when I heard the… Hello? HELLO?”
Nar: It’s so dark… I can’t even see my hand in front of my face.

Nar: Am I crazy to think it could be her… Lenore?
Echo: LENORE…Lenore…lenore!
Nar: This is crazy. I’m going inside.
Nar: Something’s at the window! Be calm, it’s probably just the wind. I’m investigating.

Raven: It’s about time he opened the window, I’ve been waiting for an eternity. Literally.
Nar: A raven’s scaring me?! This is the most disrespectful raven I’ve ever seen.
Nar: And it’s on Pallas! Pretentious bird.
Nar: This Raven looks awful. Must have come from Pluto’s underworld. What’s its name?

Raven: @Nar, Nevermore.
Raven: This mortal doesn’t have a clue what’s coming his way.
Nar: This ugly bird talks! Honestly, it’s talking nonsense but…
Nar: No one else has a talking bird above their door named Nevermore!

Nar: Why isn’t it talking anymore? It’s not even moving…this is lonely.
Nar: It’ll probably fly away tomorrow. Nobody likes to stay with me, anyway.
Raven: @Nar, Nevermore.
Nar: Whoa! It talked again. Obviously “Nevermore” is the only word the bird knows.

Nar: It must’ve learned it from an old master...I bet he met a gruesome, tragic end.
Nar: This Raven is amusing though. I absolutely can’t figure out what Nevermore means.
Nar: Lenore maybe could…she and I used to sit here together. Now she’s dead.
Nar: The air is getting thicker in here. It almost smells like church incense. What the…

Nar: Pretty sure I’m having an epiphany - Obviously this raven’s from God!
Nar: You’re here to help me forget my lost Lenore. Finally! A kindness!
Raven: @Nar, Nevermore.
Raven: Nope, he guessed wrong.

Nar: @Raven, I don’t care where you’re from- just answer me this:
Nar: @Raven, Is there balm in Gilead? Will my heart always be broken?
Raven: @Nar, Nevermore.
Raven: Hey, this is kind of fun.

Nar: @Raven, You psycho, clairvoyant prophet devil-bird!
Nar: @Raven, All I need to know- will I see Lenore again? The beautiful Lenore?
Raven: @Nar, Nevermore.
Raven: Wonder if all humans spiral into madness the way this one does…

Nar: @Raven, We’re DONE, devil-bird. Get out of my house! Take your black feathers w/ you!
Nar: @Raven, Leave me alone and stop trying to manipulate me!
Nar: and for God’s sake, get off the top of my door!
Raven: @Nar, Nevermore.

Raven: Let the eternal sitting commence!

LATER- Nar: So the Raven never got off the bust of Pallas. In fact, it’s still sitting there.
Nar: In the lamp-light its eyes dream like a demon’s.
Nar: My soul’s trapped in the Raven’s shadows … forever.

Nevermore closed yesterday – thanks for being a part of our run!

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