Monday, December 20, 2010

Mayumana Photoblogs NYC

Mayumana has been to New York previously, but the for many members of the cast of MOMENTUM, it's their first venture across the sea to the U.S and New York. Some cast members are so jazzed to be here, they wanted to let you all know what a good time they are having!

You may recognize RUTH AHARONI from her awesome music solos in MOMENTUM! This 31-year-old hails from Israel and seems to have fallen in love with Brooklyn.

Aside from working, I've been hanging out a lot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's got an amazing vibe there.

Photo: Ruth Aharoni
I did some great shopping there, too. I got to chil out in some fun coffee shops, great restaurants and also at some of the local bars. 

Photo: Ruth Aharoni

The area is filled with young artists, and the bars have a great atmosphere about them. It's a vibrant neighborhood and as an artist it brings me inspiration!
Fellow performer TALIA BIK is no stranger to New York - she grew up in America! Talia is taking advantage of her time to reconnect with old friends and live the life of other Manhattanites in their mid-twenties!
Having grown up in the U.S.A, this New York tour gave me the chance to reunite with some of my soulmates. Last weekend one of them had a party at her place where her boyfriend and his band jammed all night. I got to let loose with my girls and felt a lot of love in the air.

Photo: Talia Bik

Aside from these special adventures, I've been enjoying a bunch of dance classes throughout the city. The diversity of classes here is delicious!
All in all, Mayumana is taking New York by a storm! After all, with The New Victory AND The New York Times behind you, isn't everything possible?!

Pictured: Boaz Berman, Eylon Nuphar and Roy Ofer with the MOMENTUM New York Times Review
Photo: Mayumana

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