Monday, April 11, 2011

Boom Town: Turn Off the Dark

While Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark is on hiatus this month, turn your attention next door to Boom Town at the New Vic! We can't promise Bono or a superhero, but we've got some crazy aerials that will make you forget about web-slinging. Plus, the Wild West is here! Check it out.
Leaping and dancing with complicated steps! Photo: Darren Basil

Peter Parker's pals are leaping and jumping as well! Except he is singing. Photo: Jacob Chol
Hmm, flying in from upstage. Looks familiar! Photo: Darren Basil
Looks like Spidey does the same! Photo: Jacob Cohl
Uh-oh, there's danger in the town of Rosebud! Photo: Darren Basil
Granted, the stakes are probably a bit higher in NYC. Photo: Jacob Cohl

They're the MJ and Peter of the Wild West! Photo: Darren Basil

High-flying rescue...or acrobatics? Ooh, the suspense! Photo: Darren Basil

So you see... Boom Town has got it all! Romance. Danger. Aerial stunts! We're just watching out for the house while the neighbors are away!

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