Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Graphic Design for the Theater: Who? What? How?

Hello, my name is Noah Press. I am the Graphic Designer for The New 42nd Street / New Victory Theater. Basically, I create printed materials for the New Vic, i.e. ads, flyers, New Vic Bills, merchandise and the Season Brochure! During my next few blog posts I will take you on a journey of how we create the brochure that details all of the info about next season! Our first stop is to the magical land of INSPIRATION!

Before I begin working on the season's look, I like to see what we have created in past brochures to see if I can improve certain elements and push the envelope further – I always like to challenge myself.

That's my desk!

This season I was really drawn to an artist by the name of Saul Bass (whose art closely relates to Tom Slaughter's art – but more about him in the next post!). He is a famous 1950s and 1960s graphic designer who has done the treatment for many movies and Broadway shows, including West Side Story.

These two images are analogous to Tom's work. I really like the odd shapes of the boxes and the clunkiness of the type - which is something I would really like to incorporate into this season's look.

Another inspirational artist is Sister Mary Corita Kent. She is a nun from the sixties who practiced silk screening and painting whose art has been to galleries all over the world, including New York, Vienna, South America and national monuments including the Statue of Liberty.

These images show various ranges of color and creative typography that I feel like they can inspire and push our art into something more.

What I like about this particular piece is that it brings color and movement together and [she] is not afraid to show the strokes of the brush. This is something Tom and I have talked about for a very long time. We'll see what happens!

Tune in next time as we go into Tom Slaughter's Studio and talk more about season artwork!

Noah Press has been the Graphic Designer for the New 42nd Street for the past five years. Graduating at the top 10% of his class from the School of Visual Arts, Noah oversees all design material relating to The New Victory Theater, The Duke on 42nd Street and The The New 42nd Street Studios. Noah works closely with local NYC artist Tom Slaughter, in which they define and refine the look for the shows in each season.


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