Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Graphic Design for the Theater: To the Studio!

Hello again! Noah Press, graphic designer, here.

Tom Slaughter
Our second stop on our New Vic art tour is the studio of local New York City artist, Tom Slaughter. Tom's artwork can be found in The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum - and your New Vic season brochure!

Tom Slaughter's art has a very distinct style which really matches the programming here at The New Victory Theater.  I have had the pleasure of working closely with Tom over the last few years, and in that time we have created an extremely sophisticated and recognizable brand for The New Victory, that appeals to both children and adults.
Have any favorite artwork from these shows?
Tom brings a different perspective to the table when we work on new season art. My eye tends to focus on Typography, Movement and Concept, whereas Tom focuses more on Color, Fluidity and Shapes. It's this combination of different skills and experiences that allow us to push the art further - even "light years" beyond art from past seasons.

As the brochure goes through its final rounds of edits and tweaks, Lauren, the Director of Marketing, and I meet with Tom in his SoHo studio and go over each page to make sure it looks and feels right.
Lauren and I going over color options.
 His studio is a fascinating, large wonderland of color where both old and new projects, sketches and paintings are displayed.

I could spend hours digging though all his drawers and exploring his bookshelves!

 Tune in next time for my final post, as we go on press to print the brochure (and maybe get a sneak peek of the new season art)!!

Noah Press has been the Graphic Designer for the New 42nd Street for the past five years. Graduating at the top 10% of his class from the School of Visual Arts, Noah oversees all design material relating to The New Victory Theater, The Duke on 42nd Street and The The New 42nd Street Studios. Noah works closely with local NYC artist Tom Slaughter, in which they define and refine the look for the shows in each season.

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