Thursday, June 23, 2011

What All the Kids are Talking About- Circus Week!

Challenging balancing. Photo: Alexis Buatti-Ramos
So much balancing,
Very challenging.
Love to run,
Full of fun.
Sometimes hard, sometimes not,
Sometimes like a chicken in a pot.
Juggling scarves,
We’re not dwarves,
Circus Week is fun.

Circus Week is fun,
Like a hot dog in a bun.
Circus Week is good,
You’re allowed to wear a hood.
When you finish your act,
And you do your style,
Only your second day,
And you’ve gone a mile.
I love Circus Week,
It makes me want to leap.
I really love Mat time,
And juggling is fine,
I love to rhyme.
I like clowns a lot,
I will never leave
Even if I have to.

Photo: Alexis Buatti-Ramos
Circus week is really fun
I’ll be sad when it is done.
My favorite part is juggling scarves
It’s pretty “marvs!”
I’m excited to be a clown.
Who's favorite color is brown.
I’ll never forget not to frown,
I’ll be a clown with a crown.

It’s Circus Week,
And what do I seek?
A big funny clown,
Without a frown.
My clown’s first trick,
Will make you sick.
Circus week is really fun,
I wanna clown and you’re the one!

Registration is open now for kids ages 8-11 for our July Circus Studio Week. Kids ages 11-14 can enroll in our Playwriting Studio Week, also July 11-15.

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