Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Circus Studio Week: the July Edition

Opening number to Circus Week sharing
Clowns running and jumping
Clowns that never make frowns
Acrobats soaring and flying
Everyone replying “woo hoo!”
We never smuggle
We juggle
-Billy, age 10

You think you got what it takes?
Might want to think again.
It’s all about hard work my friend.
You think you can juggle? Give it a try.
You might succeed but you might cry.
The props are the best to play with
You learn really fast, or not.
Cause no matter what, Circus Week is the best
-Danilo, age 9

Clowns, lions, birds and more
Can all be found in cirque galore!
Cirque galore and so much more
Can all be found at New Victory Theater
But the real question is, could you want more?!
-Paul, age 9

Balancing a feather is fun
You can balance it on your nose
Or you can try it on a hose
You can balance it on any part of your body
-Gabriel, age 9

Style and Smile!
Acrobatics are fun and cool,
But don’t forget that you are too.
When it comes time to juggle,
Toss it in the air.
Everything in the circus
Makes things fun.
As you long as you stay in your seat,
Nothing will go wrong,
Unless they toss an elephant on you.
I almost forgot
-Angely, age 10

Circuses are fun and awesome,
Even when you are a possum.
In the circus you can do
Lots of cool tricks.
Everything will be fine,
Just hold on tight.
It’s a real adventure!
-Laila, age 8

Human tricks are all so fun,.
Just make sure you don’t fall and die
Peacock feathers are for balancing,
You can hop them, flop them and twist them around.
A Pyramid Scheme!
-Niv, age 8

The devil stick
Has a lot of kick.
Say hello
To the diabolo.
I played by the wall
And juggled a ball,
I couldn’t wait
To spin a plate.
-Benjamin, age 8

Feather balancing, stick whacking
Scarf juggling, but no smuggling
With so many things to do,
Circus Week is the place for you!
But scarves and feathers
Isn’t enough to do -
There are more activities
Just waiting for you!
-Jackson, age 11

As a ballerina flies
Applause covers her.
Dancing in the air on a rope
All twisting and turning
No swatting or squirming
Applause raining down
Roses from family,
Smiles from children,
Shocked amazement from the rest.
-Ada, age 10

As I swing on the trapeze,
The crowd says more please.
I oblige.
As I make jokes there are laughs,
But also many claps!
I bow,
As the lion roars,
More people flood through the doors,
There is room for all of them
In Circus Week!
-Iris, age 11
The grand finale to "I Want Candy"

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