Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where are our Teaching Artists?

Cheers, Anna!
Shakespeare's Globe
Photo: Paul Farmer
Currently, I'm in London! I'm assistant directing The Mysteries by renowned theatre poet Tony Harrison, a contemporary adaptation of The Medieval Mystery plays that tell the story of The Bible in a wonderfully refreshing way, especially as directed by Deborah Bruce. (Did we mention this will be performed at Shakespeare's Globe?)
Skyler in Manuscripts Don't Burn
Photo: Kerri Carter
In June, I directed a play called Manuscripts Don't Burn that took place on Governor's Island as part of the Figment Festival. Skyler Sullivan, another TA, played the masked role of Chief Devil, Professor Woland as part of a large and terrific ensemble cast. We're planning to do more development on the story-telling and workshop it again at a later date.
Checking in with Brad
Brad Raimondo here! My big project this summer is directing the world premiere of a new play called WHALE SONG or: Learning to Live With Mobyphobia, at the New York International Fringe Festival, FringeNYC.
Illustration: Simon Winheld Photo/Graphic Design: Hugh Mackey
Here's the dish on WHALE SONG:
Only Maya Swan knows why Molly the whale is stranded in the Hudson River. While millions of New Yorkers wonder in amazement, Maya knows she has come to deliver a message from her dead father. Too bad Maya is Mobyphobic. 

Gumshoe, meet Carlo
Head down to Chinatown, formerly known as Five Points, the neighborhood gruesomely immortalized in Gangs of New York. You won't find Leo, but you will find Carlo D'Amore, who directs, stars and produces The Ryan Case 1873 (yup, it's in the NYT).  
NEW YORK CITY – The year is 1873 and on the dirty streets of the Five Points, word of a gruesome murder ripples through a shocked and horrified community.  Due to the high level of corruption within the police force, only the greenest gumshoes on the beat (YOU) can crack this case. The audience confronts the suspects in a police line-up, presenting their theories on the case in the hope that justice will finally be served.
Photo courtesy of Carlo D'Amore
Photo courtesy of Carlo D'Amore
Photo courtesy of Carlo D'Amore

Heyyyyy Adrienne! 
Right now, Adrienne is in Brooklyn! She is working with her company, Movement Theater Studio NYC. It's the only Lecoq based training program in NYC (read more about Lecoq training hereZooZoo creators talk about his influence). 
We are currently holding our first 4 week Summer Physical Theater Intensive. We are hosted by Brooklyn College and have 18 students from around the world (including Australia, France, Turkey and Colombia) with 4 faculty members (Master Lecoq Teacher Norman Taylor, Virginia Scott, myself and my husband, Richard Crawford.) There will be a presentation of the students' original ensemble creations using the techniques of physical storytelling they have been studying on Friday July 15th at 1:30PM in Room 307 Roosevelt Extension (Brooklyn College campus).

Where's Margot?
Which bunk is Margot's? Courtesy of Acting Manitou
Right now I am in Maine working as a teaching artist and a producer of a theatre camp called Acting Manitou. I am teaching a Physical Comedy Mime Class, Acting and a Shadow Puppetry class. We are producing five shows and I will be here for three weeks! It has been a blast!
Plus, in the beginning of August, Margot and fellow TA Spica will be heading to Israel for two weeks! Stay tuned - Margot promised to keep us in the loop!

Read more about our relationship with our teaching artists; Director of Education, Joe Giardina, discusses why it is imperative teaching artists are also professional, working artists.

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