Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Afternoon at the New Vic Box Office with Joe

“Will my child be able to see from there?” a mother asks as she picks up her tickets.
“Of course,” I assure her, “The New Victory is an intimate theater with under 500 seats, so there is really not a bad place to sit. If you are sitting in the orchestra we do have booster seats that you can use. Just find one of our ushers and they will happily bring one to you. Booster seats, however, are not allowed upstairs. The mezzanine and balcony have a step up between the rows, kind of like stadium seating, so everyone can see more easily.”

"Squirm Burpizza" at Two Boots for Squirm Burpee Circus
Photo: Alexis Buatti Ramos
It is a particularly busy afternoon at the box office and the next person in line asks me if there is somewhere nearby to get something good to eat. One of my favorites is Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen (8th Avenue at 41st Street) where they serve good old-fashioned American food like burgers and hot dogs as well as salads, tacos and shakes. I am a big fan of Schnipper’s Santa Fe Salad with grilled chicken and their onion rings. You can also build your own burger at The Counter (41st Street and Broadway). If you want a slice of pizza you might want to try Two Boots (9th Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets). In addition to their TV and movie-themed pizza such as the Newman and the Dude, (I really like the Tony Clifton which comes with mushrooms, peppers and onions) you might also find a New Victory themed pizza on the menu. If you are just looking for an inexpensive snack before the show, try our concession bar in the lower lobby where we sell Pirate’s Booty, Goldfish, Animal Crackers and other healthy snacks. Important: we do not sell coffee. For that you might want to try Pax, two doors down on 42nd Street.

At the next window a man asks Jennifer, one of the many helpful people who work in our box office, “Where is there a convenient place to park?”
“The closest garage to The New Victory,” she explains, “is Little Man Parking’s Times Square Garage on West 41st Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. There are two other Central Parking garages on 40th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues and 44th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues.”

Joe on 42nd Street, working his skills!
But driving to the theater may not always be your best option. I know from experience - road closures due to street fairs, parades and construction or events such as Broadway on Broadway and the New York City Marathon can make navigating New York City’s streets particularly challenging on weekends. And then there are the gridlock alert days which can make driving into the city an even bigger challenge between Thanksgiving and New Years. For this reason I recommend using mass transit. The New Victory Theater is near the 42nd Street-Times Square subway station (N, Q, R, 1, 2, and 3 trains) as well as the 42nd Street-Port Authority station ( A, C, E, and 7 trains). If you’re using Metro-North you can take the Shuttle to Times Square from Grand Central Station. If you decide to drive, however, I would suggest going to the New York City Department of Transportation website to learn about any traffic advisories.

Joe, serious and on the job!
“My friend is running late,” another woman says to me as she approaches the box office. “Will they be able to get in after the show has started?”
“Certainly,” I respond. “You can leave the tickets at the box office under their name and they can join you inside when they get here. However, late seating is at the complete discretion of the house manager. If they arrive after the show starts they can view the show on the monitors in the lobby until the late seating cue arrives. Patrons are only admitted into the theater at an appropriate break in the action on stage as to minimize the disruption to the audience and performers.”

As I close the box office for the evening one last patron approaches me. "Do you have two tickets for Spider-Man?" he wants to know.
"Spider-Man is next door at the Foxwoods Theater," I tell him. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is just one of the many shows people ask me about when they come into the New Vic box office. They ask for directions to the movie theaters at the other end of the block, Mary Poppins at the New Amsterdam, and the American Airlines Theater. People even come to us looking for The Lion King. Times Square is a big place, and I don’t mind helping you get to your show on time or recommending a good place to eat. I want your trip to our neighborhood to be a memorable one.

Until next time…enjoy the show! Call or email any time: (646) 223-3010 or ticket_services@newvictory.org

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