Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anastacia from Ticket Services talks Exchanges, Lap Seats and the Rezoned Orchestra

Hey! My Name is Anastacia Vincent, a Ticket Services Assistant here at The New Victory Theater. This will be my fourth season and I am very excited to experience the wide variety we have in our 16 shows this season! Whoo hooo! Today I’m going to let you know about some of the “need to knows” when purchasing single tickets.
1. Let’s start off with exchanges. You say your daughter’s hockey team made it to finals this year and you cannot attend Miss Ophelia anymore? No worries, we can exchange them into any other available show this season. Yes, even if you are not a Member of New Victory Theater you can exchange your tickets. There is a fee of $5 per ticket capped at $20. This means if you are exchanging two tickets, the charge will be $10 but if you exchange four or more, the charge will be $20. Note that you have up to 48 hours before the show you are exchanging out of to complete your exchange. Your New Vic Studio Family workshop tickets may also be exchanged. You just have to do the exchange one week before your ticketed date. It’s pretty simple, right?
What if you miss the 48 hour window for exchanging and cannot attend your show? Then you have the option to donate your tickets to the theater for a tax receipt. You have until the half hour before the show to donate by phone or in person. Once you donate, mail in your tickets and we will mail you your tax receipt.
Photo: Alexis Buatti Ramos 
2. Your entire family is in town for the holidays and you don’t know if your 10-month-old nephew needs a ticket to see Bai Xi I understand that most parents would rather hold on to their babies when they are that small, but due to FDNY fire code regulations every person in our theater needs a ticket, no matter the age or size. So the answer is yes, he does need a ticket.  However, you have purchased full price front orchestra tickets for the whole family and you don’t want to pay full price for an orchestra seat that no one will be sitting in.  What you can do is purchase a lap seat.  The price of a lap seat is whatever the lowest priced ticket is for your performance, usually the balcony price.  When you ask for a lap seat, we will pick an obstructed view seat knowing that no one will actually sit there but your baby will now have a ticket.  You can purchase lap seats over the phone or at the box office window.
3. Now let’s talk about the fees tacked onto your total when you purchase single tickets. How much are the fees? There is a $2 order fee to start plus a per ticket fee. The per ticket fees are service and handling fees that range from $2-$5. Fees are the same online and over the phone. The only way to waive those fees is to purchase your tickets in person at the box office window.
4. Finally, some of you have noticed that there are now four different prices, instead of three, for New Victory Theater tickets. You are not crazy. This season we rezoned our theater. The last two rows in the orchestra, Orchestra P-Q, now begins at $28, same price as Mezzanine C-D. Also, the Mezzanine now has three sections: Mezzanine A-B, C-D, and Mezzanine E. Row E is our newest price zone beginning at $18. The balcony and orchestra zones have not changed with prices beginning at $14 and $38. 
That’s it for now from Anastacia in Ticket Services. If you ever need to speak with an actual human about New Victory tickets, do not hesitate to call me with any questions you may have!

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