Friday, October 14, 2011

Puppet Palooza: The New 42nd Street Gala

Let's talk puppets. 

Elephant. Tony Griffiths
They are entertaining.
They teach us things. 
They speak every language.

Puss in Boots. Eric P. Mull


They play musical instruments.
They sing opera.

In short: wow.
Little Donkey. Simone Henken

We love to present puppetry at the New Vic because the magic of seeing an inanimate object brought to life right before your eyes is breathtaking and wondrous and never ceases to amaze. We present companies that hail from all over, including the Netherlands, South Africa, Scotland and New York City. Since 1998, The Jim Henson Foundation has provided generous grants that have allowed us to present numerous innovative and contemporary puppet theater works. 

We are honoring Cheryl Henson, the President of the Jim Henson Foundation, with the New Victory Arts Award at the annual New 42nd Street Gala. We are recognizing Cheryl not only for her generous support to us, but her advocacy on the behalf of many puppeteers, puppet builders and the art of puppetry overall.

Cheryl works tirelessly, investing in artists across the nation in order to promote and develop the art of puppetry in the United States. More than anything, the presentation of the New Victory Arts Award to Cheryl expresses our utmost gratitude for her support and belief in us. We would like to pay tribute to her and all of the other people who have supported us in our artistic pursuits and invite you to take a moment to do the same. 

Cheryl's faith in us has made a huge difference. Who has believed in you and made a difference in your life? Share in the comments...and take inspiration from Kermit, Robin and Bernadette (this is Cheryl's favorite Muppets song. Perfect, right?). 

UPDATE: See photos from the event on The New Victory Facebook page!

Music by Larry Grossman, Lyrics by Hal Hackady


  1. Heather Henson- For her belief in The Perishable Theatre. Wish I could be there to see her perform on Monday!

  2. Thanks to all the people who, when I told them what I wanted to do, didn't tell me No. From my parents to teachers to friends to neighbors and more, thanks to those who listened to what I wanted to try and instead said "Great, so what are you doing to make that happen?"


  3. Thank you Cheryl and Jim Henson Foundation for redefining the meaning of puppetry in this country! You have been a tremendous support to so many of us for so many years!