Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Reflections: Why We're Thankful for Theater

Over a weekend of turkey, parades and pie, staff at the New Vic started reflecting in our tryptophan dazes. One thing that we know that we are all super thankful for is our jobs - not only being gainfully employed, but we work for at an arts organization in the greatest theater city in the world (sorry, London, but we really are awesome). Here's why we chose this profession and why we're so grateful to be here.

The New Vic gives me the opportunity to meet really interesting people from all over the world – I’m very thankful for that. - Carrie DuBois, Programming

Curtain call at the New 42nd Street Gala, honoring Cheryl Henson
Photo: Alexis Buatti Ramos
I am thankful to work at an organization that makes a difference in the lives of kids and that I got to meet the Muppets this year. Lifelong dream lived. - Lauren Fitzgerald, Marketing

I'm thankful for theater because it brings so many different kinds of people together in a moment of laughter, sadness or wonder - it's a beautiful thing! - Allison Mui, Public Relations

I am thankful for theater because of the way it continually excites and inspires me. Real Quality Theater is an exploration of humanity and it always helps me learn a little bit more about the beauty of the world around me. - Kevin Moxley, Programming

I am thankful for theater because it's the original 3-D movie. Where else can thoughts, feelings, and action be communicated through dance, mime, or simple storytelling? - Heather Levine, Ticket Services

I’m thankful for theater, because it thrills me more than a lot of other art forms. For me, the arts make life exciting, and I’m proud to make a contribution in some way. - Laura Kaplow-Goldman, Public Relations

Andy Manley in White with audience member.
Photo: Alexis Buatti Ramos
I am thankful for theater because I get to witness on an everyday basis how it has a positive impact on children's lives. - Alexis Buatti Ramos, Marketing

I’m thankful for theater because it allows me to escape into a new world for a few hours. - Beth Baker, Administration

I am thankful for theater because once-upon-a-time when I was an awkward 7th grader, being in the school musical gave me the confidence I needed to get through a tough year. I am thankful I work at a theater because if I’m having a rough week I can recharge by dropping by an Ed performance and watching the students engage with each other and the performers -sharing a unique in-person experience. - Lilaia Kairis, Digital Services

I’m thankful to be working with such talented, thoughtful, creative, and caring individuals; in a city that supports the arts. - Noah Press, Marketing

Photo: Susan Cook
I am thankful for theater because it is unpredictable, alive, and human. Particularly, watching the faces of the young audiences that come to the New Victory Theater light up involuntarily when something clicks for them; when they understand their relationship to the world a little bit better by being part of a theatrical experience …that is magic. - Mary Rose Lloyd, Programming

I’m thankful for theater because it changed my life from the very first Broadway show I was ever taken to. I remember the red velvet seats in the front of the mezzanine, sitting with my parents and holding the shiny program. I remember music playing, curtain opening and I felt an excitement that never stopped. Now I work for a gorgeous theater and I feel that same feeling every time I walk in and a New Victory show begins. My little girl dream came true. - Melissa Kalt, Development

I’m grateful to have a career working in the arts and spending my time with other creative people where, together, we inspire kids and adults every day. - Mara Richards, Education

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