Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011: Looking Back in Limericks

Photos: Scott Suchman, Alexsey Photography
30% Books
’11 was a literary year
We kicked it off with Shakespeare
Then an angel in disguise
And two boys who could fly
Books and theater are well met here!

Many Accents

At the Vic accents are always in vogue
Often, they’re English gone rogue
From the sweet Aussie drawl
To the Scots that enthrall
There’s never a season sans brogues

The New 42nd Street Gala

We honored a charmed Cheryl Henson
She was smashing in a fierce shade of crimson
Came Big Bird and Telly
John, Bill and foal Joey
Well, really, her whole puppet brethren!

Our gala deserves to be mentioned
As does this year’s honoree Cheryl Henson
With video and puppeteers
The evenings purpose shone clear
Garnering the New Victory Education Program's attention

Here, There and Everywhere

February 2011 at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
There once was a Marketing department
Who dressed in very nice garments
They traveled to CMOM and parks
And the Intrepid landmark
You’ve seen them before, I’ll warrant!

The Programming Department

There once was a Director named Mary
And all over the world she did tarry
She flew on 10 airlines’ planes
From 270 shows got eyestrain
For you she travels from coast to prairie

Nonsense Names

Unfun words playwrights are shunning
They much prefer to be punning
Say BAI XI five times fast
Or Skellig without laughs
Watch out, your INcognitus is running!

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