Thursday, April 12, 2012

Digging Through Drawers in the Development Office

This Sunday is the New Victory's Family Benefit - and planning such an event is no small task! Long before invitations are sent out, our Development Department begins dreaming up themes, decorations, games and gifts to make the experience fun and fabulous for our donors. This week, we're knee-deep in preparations for this weekend. I don't want to give away anything about the fantastic event we have planned, but I did stop by the Development office to give my co-workers an excuse to take a short break and reminisce about past events.

When you walk into Development, this is the sign that greets you. The fall 2010 apprentices made it after the New 42nd Street Gala, for which they crafted table numbers with hundreds of noodles. The noodles were a nod to New Victory Arts Award recipient Bill Irwin, who plays Mr. Noodle on Sesame Street.

Maybe you recognize these lovely parasols? If so, you played with them during the Boom Town or Golden Dragon Acrobats Family Benefits. They're currently stored near the filing cabinets in case there's a sudden shower of creativity.
These final days before a major even can be stressful, but that's no problem for our Development staff. They can just pull out this Acrobat to bring themselves back into balance. This game was created for the  Circus Incognitus New Vic Friends and Family Fun Day.

Sometimes we wish we could wave a magic wand and have everything magically fall into place for these events. While they haven't succeeded yet, that hasn't stopped my co-workers in Development from using these wands to banish a grantwriter's block or cast an efficiency spell.
Ribbon has endless uses. I'm told that these ribbons have been used to tie up napkins, decorate gifts, and even serve as a hair band in a pinch! Development originally purchased this set of ribbon spools for a dedication in the New 42nd Street Studios

Despite how hard they work - or maybe because of it - the Development department has the best stash of fun stuff in the building. Trust me, the Education department is definitely jealous. 

And while I can't give anything away, I can confidently claim that Development has quite a few tricks (and toys) up their sleeves for this year's Family BenefitJoin us this weekend to see what props, games and goodies our Development Department have dreamed up for the "Urban Imaginarium" Party!
The fierce fundraising team. Good morning, Angels.

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