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Ushering in the 2012-13 Season: Organizing an Outing

The 2012-13 New Victory season is bigger than ever! To help you navigate every small detail, we're shining a spotlight on a few key topics. Let our staff--and outside experts we've enlisted--share their insights and tips for deciding what's just right for your family.

This week, Sam Piland--one of the summer Apprentices for the New Victory Communications team--interviewed staff member Heather Levine to find out why group sales means so much more than just school field trips.

As the High School Communications Apprentice at The New Victory Theater, my summer involved daily lessons on the tools of the trade, professionalism seminars... and trying to absorb all the wisdom and experience I can from my esteemed colleagues. By now, I feel like a Communications expert-in-training, and--after talking to our Group Sales & Special Events Coordinator--maybe even a full-fledged authority on how many ways someone can work with the New Vic on a group trip to the theater.

A group enjoys a performance together
Previously, I equated group sales with nothing more than school field trips. What I didn't realize is that "group sales" actually encompasses all sorts of ticketing that benefits from custom planning and pricing. Of course, The New Victory does have an extensive school Partnership Program, but there are all kinds of groups who already attend our theater. (Perhaps you’re part of a similar group and hadn't realized the New Vic could help you organize a trip!)

  • More the Merrier Discount
    Good for: Inviting the kids' BFFs along to a show, entertainment for visiting cousins, a low-key birthday party

    New Vic Members already save up to 35% on their first 6 tickets to each performance, but a second discount kicks in to keep the price affordable for those who need a few more seats. Members can buy up to 12 more tickets at a 25% discount.

    We've seen Members come to The New Victory to celebrate birthdays and entertain out-of-town guests, especially during holiday and vacation weeks. Heather and other Ticket Services staff can help recommend nearby restaurants and venues for pre- or post-show gatherings.
  • 20% (or More!) Off on 20 (or More!) Tickets
    Good for: Scout Troops, Charities, Day Camps... and anyone looking for a family-friendly arts opportunity for their organization 

    For this fairly traditional definition of a group sale, The New Victory offers a 20% discount on purchases of 20 - 99 tickets. And as of seat #100, the discount bumps up again, to 25% off.

    Some of these traditional groups have been coming to The New Victory for years. One Den Mother who'd brought her Boy Scouts even kept coordinating sales for other troops once her kids aged out! “Arts Therapy” programs regularly buy out the balcony in order to provide kids with a cultural experience they might not otherwise have. Vacation day camps often book blocks of seats, trusting the New Vic to reliably entertain students of all ages.

    Heather also hears from groups that don't fit the New Vic's typical family demographic. One association of Connecticut retirees rents a bus every weekend in order to enjoy activities around the Tri-State area--the broad appeal of New Victory shows means we're often a good destination for them. Other adult associations that attend shows include respite programs for those with developmental disabilities, as the New Vic staff
    can accommodate a group’s special needs and is determined to provide the best experience possible for everyone.

  • Flex Groups
    Good for: Extended families, independent community groups, any less formal group without a central bank account

    A flex group also offers a 20% discount for purchases of 20+ tickets, but relieves the organizer of the financial and logistical stress. Once he or she sets up the basic details with Heather and forwards the information to the group, it's up to the individual attendees to complete their own purchases. Because the seats aren't all reserved at the same time, there's no guarantee that they will be next to each other--but everyone will get to enjoy the discounted price and no one is left holding the bill for someone else's tickets!

    This holiday season, enjoy
    Circus Oz with your extended family.
    Flex groups are especially helpful during the holidays when many family members are coming in from all over to visit New York City. The hosts can relax, knowing that they've avoided playing money collector and that they've recommended something that everyone can enjoy together.


Learning about these three styles of group ordering really opened my eyes to just how many ways there are to invite people to tag along to a show. When first given the assignment to interview Heather for this blog, I feared I'd only manage a boring retread of pricing information. I should have known better--throughout my Apprenticeship, I've learned new things with every project. I hope that I've paid that experience forward by successfully elucidating the enigma of what a group can be and that I've even helped you make some plans with your own friends and family!

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