Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pick 3: Membership Strategy Guide

This blog was written by Lauren Fitzgerald, Director of Marketing & Communications for The New 42nd Street.

This year, Time Out New York highlighted the New Vic in their annual theater issue, with Theater Editor David Cote writing “there’s more sheer inventiveness and wonder in a single New Victory season than in most venues combined. Take a kid! Or a niece and nephew. Or simply take your inner child.”
Right on David! And if I may confidently add—there’s also more diversity of genre, nationality and range of ages “served” than anywhere I can think of. This season, our audiences will include kids as young as four months old (!) and grandparentswho once brought their kids to the New Vicwith a new generation in tow. Personally, my inner child can’t wait until the season opens in October.
As Director of Marketing & Communications, part of my job at the New Vic is to guide patrons to the best combinations of shows that fit them and their families. I’ve also had the privilege of doing so personally for good friends who I’ve invited to the theater. I will never forget the look on 3-year-old Vera’s face when she experienced Ring a Ding Ding this past season, and was so excited she come back to the New 42nd Street Studios to see Grug. (Actually, I will never forget watching her parents’ expressions eitherthey were enthralled with the shows, and enthralled with Vera being enthralled. It was awesome.) On the other end of the spectrum, I recommended As You Like It and Le Grand C for my friend Robert, who declared that they were the best shows he’d seen in New York City that springand Robert sees a LOT of shows.
For this upcoming season, I’ve invented a few of families to help out (who may or may not be named after my favorite literary characters). When reading this, it’s important to keep in mind that the age guidelines we provide note the youngest advisable age for each show. This is not to say that a show labeled “For Everyone 7+” was made specifically for 7-year-olds, but rather that 7 is the youngest age we advise for that show. Another way to think about it is that a show recommended for 7+ is for people between 7 years old and 107 years old. (We just don’t like dictating life span.)
THE BENNETTS:  Papa, Daddy and Elizabeth (age 4) 

Elizabeth is a budding visual artist, and a giggler. She’s already attended a couple of New Victory shows at the New 42nd Street Studios, and is ready for a “big kid” show (but not yet a lengthy production). I’d recommend Me and My Shadow, Still Awake Still! and Bello Mania. Me and My Shadow and Still Awake Still! are what like to call “bridge to the big theater” showsmeaning that if your kids have been attending shows at the New 42nd Street Studios (like Ring a Ding Ding), these are perfect picks for their first time in the more grown-up, traditional New Victory Theater. Both shows are gentle, visually appealing works full of delightful surprises, made specifically for 4 to 7-year-old audiences. And, well, I’ve never met a kid of any age who doesn’t love Bello. He’s the perfect introduction to circus arts.
THE LENNOXS: Mom, Grandma, Mary (age 8) and Ben (age 6)
Mary and Ben have different interestsBen is super into theater (he was just the narrator in his school play) and Mary is more into pop music and fashion. Luckily, they will both be into Bob Marley's Three Little Birds, Mother Africa and Feet Don't Fail Me Now. The colorful musical with Bob Marley’s popular tunes will give them something to sing along to together, and the pageantry and variety of Mother Africa will speak to both their interests. The boys in the company of Feet Don't Fail Me Now might even get Mary to forget One Direction for a minute. Grandma will totally dig these shows toothey’re perfect multi-generational experiences.
THE CARRAWAYS: Mom, Dad, Jordan (age 7) and Nick (age 12)
Nick thinks he’s getting too old for the New Vic, and Jordan loves going to the theater, but wants to be just like his big brother. Keep them both young with Peter Pan from Belvoiran inventive and totally fun adaptation from the company that brought one of my favorites, The Book of Everything, to the New Vic in 2012. Add Knee Deep and HyperISH to the mixedgy, contemporary pieces that will make them feel cool together. Knee Deep bills itself as Australia’s hippest new circus act, and their mind-blowing feats set to evocative music proves it. ISH Artistic Director Marco Gerris was a jury member on two seasons of the Dutch version of So You Think You Can Dance?and ISH can dance with the best of them.

For more recommendations, our Ticket Services representatives are prepped and ready to talk through your family interests with you. You can reach them at 646.223.3010 during these hours. Thanks so much for being part of the New Vic community, and I look forward to seeing you and yours at the theater next season!  

Lauren Fitzgerald, Director of Marketing & Communications for The New 42nd Street, is in her 5th season directing all advertising, sales, promotions and design efforts for The New Victory Theater, The Duke on 42nd Street and the New 42nd Street Studios. Lauren came to The New 42nd Street from the Williamstown Theatre Festival, where she served as Press and Marketing Director. She has freelanced extensively in New York for theater, music and film clients, as well as working in the communications department of Blue Man Group and in general management at the Guthrie Theater and the 14th Street Y. She is a graduate of the University of Richmond, and is so proud to have grown up in a household that instilled a love of the arts and a belief in its power to make change.

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