Friday, October 11, 2013

Ask a Sixth Grader: How Old is Too Old for Make Believe?

While reviewers have been raving about Belvoir's Peter Pan, we took time to sit down with a few sixth graders and dig into the themes of this beloved show. In collaboration with Danielle Bottinger at the Epiphany School in Manhattan, we asked a few savvy audience members for their perspective on the age old question: how old is too old for make believe?

I think you are never too old for make believe. I think this because you can always dream of having what you want or need. For example, if you are having a midlife crisis you can pretend that your old station wagon is a Ferrari. If you are a teenager, you can pretend that you're about to go to college. You are never too old to pretend or dream about things. You can even still pretend you are playing Major League Baseball when you're 80. - Thomas

I think you are too old for make believe when you are 10. I think 10 because that is when parents start to think you are more mature. That is the time when you can't be silly. You have to be serious. I always tell myself, "that was cute when you were 6 or 7 but not at this age." After you're 10 you have to get your head in the game. - Alexandra

I think you're never too old to make believe. I think this because you can always imagine what's going to come next. Make believe is fun! You can imagine you're a princess, a teacher, a doctor and on and on. Life is never complete without without adding make believe. Even if you are 2 or 200 (if you live that long), there is always time for make believe. - Ellie

I think 11 years old is the age to grow up and stop with make believe. Why? Well, this is when you graduate elementary school and enter middle school. You have much more responsibility now. There can be no more "my dog ate my homework" tricks. In conclusion, I think 11 is the age to get a grip and grow up. - Luca

I don't think that you should stop make believe at any age. When you are young, sometimes you will make believe that you are a doctor or maybe a mailman. You probably do this because that's what you want to be when you grow up. So in a way, when you were playing make believe, you were looking forward to something or dreaming of something - hoping that one day your dream will come true. So if you say that when you're 10 or 11 you should stop playing make believe, you are basically saying that you are too old to dream and hope. No matter how old you are, you should always have something to look forward to. - Anna

I think you are never too old to make believe. However, I think that after the age of 12 you should try to focus on the real world more than the imaginary world. You should focus on the real world after you are 12 because you are a teenager and as a teenager you have more responsibilities. But you can still make believe once in a while, just not all the time. I still make believe! - Sienna

When you are 13 you are too old to make believe. When you are thirteen you start to be mature because you aren't a kid anymore - you are a teen. If you continue to make believe your parents might tell you that you need common sense. Also, 13 is an unlucky number, so if you think about it, something bad might happen to you if you don't stop. At 13 you start going to high school with a lot of homework, so when you're 13 you need to stop playing make believe. - Patrick

You are too old to make believe when you are dead. Your body stops working and so your brain stops working. While you are alive you can pretend all you want. Obviously you can't make believe when you are dead. This makes a lot of sense because one, your body stops working, and two, no one knows what really happens after you die. - Eileen

When you're too old to make believe you'll know. I think by the time you're 15 all your friends will be focused on different things and there's a problem if your brain is still on imaginary time. At 15 you need to be focused on school and sports - make believe time will slow you down in both. Make believe is for children and once you're in high school you're not a child anymore. - Gabriella

You are never too old to make believe. Having imagination can change lives in positive ways. For example, if you want to write a story, you can imagine who the characters are, where it takes place and much more. In my opinion, without make believe, I wouldn't be as happy as I usually am. I love to make believe and so should you! - Emilee

You are too old to make believe when you are 21 because you have to be responsible. You have to be responsible because you get many privileges because at 21 you can drive and you don't want to make believe when you are driving. - Matthew

This blog was compiled and edited by Blake McCarty, Media Manager.


  1. Great post! It sparked a post of mine for the Digital Family Summit blog, about the importance of subjective questions, and the observation that its not the question or even the answers that are so important, but the answering.