Friday, October 4, 2013

Third-Year Usher Spotlight: Amy Ortiz

All season-long, we’ll be featuring young people from our Usher Corps program in our New Vic Bills and online on the New Victory Blog. This week, we’re thrilled to turn the spotlight onto third-year Usher Amy Ortiz of Washington Heights.

What is your dream job? My dream is to be a sign language interpreter and a speech pathologist. I fell in love with sign language during high school and want to pursue a career in it. I’m also interested in speech pathology because I want to be able to help the disabled and provide an outlet to the deaf community. Both careers would allow me to help others while pursuing a real passion of mine – sign language.

Who inspires you? My sister inspires me because she’s always had this strength that I find amazing. She’s someone I know will protect me and be by my side no matter what happens. She’s my hero.

What was your favorite book or movie as a kid?  My favorite movie as a little girl was Mulan. She was a Disney princess, but she’s not like any other princess. She courageously rose above the expectations of women and stood up for herself.

What was your favorite subject in school? I always was fond of art, especially in high school. Art class was always a chance to learn new techniques and improve myself. It became a hobby instead of a class and now I am very proud of my work because of all the art teachers I've had.

What’s the most challenging thing about being an usher? The most challenging thing about being an usher is trying to make sure you keep a smile on your face even when you’re not having the best day.

What’s your favorite place to grab food near the theater? My favorite place to eat is Chipotle because it always fills you up for your next shift so you won't have your stomach growling while you’re working. And it's delicious.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? I enjoy spending time with friends but I also like to draw and listen to music whenever I get the chance. Going to church has become a big part of my life and it’s something that I like knowing I’m doing every week.

What are you most proud of? I am proud that I never let things pass me by and that I keep taking as many opportunities as I can to show everyone that I'm not some stereotypical Puerto Rican teenage girl who isn't doing anything with her life. I am proud of my dedication and my determination to never take no for an answer.

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