Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Story Starters

By Renata Melillo, Education Programs Manager

We couldn't be more excited to welcome the tropical sights and sounds of Bob Marley's Three Little Birds to our theater, beginning February 7! The show is based on a story written by Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella Marley, who adapted the legendary reggae musician's famous songs into the children's book, Every Little Thing. Not only do we love the book, but we also feel inspired by Cedella's mission to carry on the music, lyrics and stories that her father told with his beloved songs. Stories are a great way to make memories, continue legacies, and bring creativity and imagination into your home. Plus, they are a great way to connect with your kids.

Personally, I have fond memories of my brother and I begging my Dad to tell his stories over and over again. My favorite story growing up was about the neighborhood dog, Rocket, who terrorized my Mom and Dad while they were in their 20s. My parents resolved to carry pieces of hot dogs in their pockets that they used to distract the dog as they tried to get into their house! My Dad would embellish the tale each time as he saw fit, maximizing the laughs at different points depending on the day. I remember thinking about my Dad’s life before me, and loved to dream about what he was like when he was younger.

We think your kid will love hearing your stories too, so here are 10 Story Starters to get the conversation going:
1. My favorite teacher growing up was ___________. He/she was my favorite because….
2. One summer my family and I....
3. When I was ____-years-old, your _______(relative) and I would….
4. When I was a kid my nickname was __________. People called me this because….
5. My favorite thing to do in school was….
6. I remember when our power went out and we had to….
7. When I was ___-years-old, I was scared of….
8. On Sundays my family and I would….
9. My best friend in elementary school was named _____. We used to….
10. The first time I went to a play, we saw….

Not only were my Dad’s storytelling skills entertaining, but they also inspired me to tell my own make-believe stories. After school he would pick me up from the bus stop and during snack time I would make up fantastical stories that included talking animals, mythical creatures and faraway lands. The more imaginative and silly the better! He was always a great audience.

Here are 10 Story Starters to get your kid inspired to tell you make-believe stories:
1. There once was a town named ___________. It was called this because…
2. A little kid drank the magic potion and then….
3. An alien from another planet came to my school today and told us...
4. Did you know that the vacuum cleaner was invented by….
5. When dolphins get together they talk about….
6. When adults work in an office they….
7. The wizard won a million dollars and then...
8. There once was a kid who was scared of everything….
9. I traveled 400 years through time and discovered...
10. A bird flew into my window this morning and sang to me about...

I hope that these Story Starters will lead to interesting and fun times with your family. I encourage you and your family to continue talking with each other and sharing stories! For more opportunities to engage with your family, take a look at our Three Little Birds Family Activity and come to a Family Engagement event at the New Victory!

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