Friday, March 14, 2014

Ides of March Madness - Round Two!

Voting for round two concluded on the morning of 3/19/14. To view and vote in round three, click here!
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The votes are in! After over 2,600 ballot submissions for round one, we're excited to share which plays have advanced into the Sweet Sixteen of our Shakespeare's Ides of March Madness! Round two means saying goodbye to the likes of King Lear and Titus Andronicus -- parting is such sweet sorrow! -- but now it's time to make some really tough choices! Macbeth versus Hamlet? Much Ado About Nothing versus A Midsummer Night's Dream? Which masterpieces will make it onto round three, the Elite Eight?

YOUR votes will decide! Use the ballot below to cast your votes and may the best plays win! Check back on March 19 to see who makes it onto round three, or (if you disagree with popular opinion), fill out your very own bracket. You can print one here. And don't forget to root along with other fans on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. I seriously love this. Shakespeare brought my husband and I together, so when we found this we printed everything out and filled out our own bracket. :) Thanks for making March fun for non basketball lovers!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Which plays made it to your final four?