Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Introducing our Summer Field Guide

Spending the summer in New York City can sometimes feel like navigating the Amazon. There's the heat, the humidity, the towering buildings and the constant challenge of going from hot, sweaty, asphalt-covered streets to the frigid cold of air conditioned interiors. But while we adults might grow weary of the dog days, it's worth remembering that even the most sticky, scorching summer days are still an exciting adventure for kids. When school's out, it means infinite time to play and explore, and that spirit is what we're all about here at the New Vic!

We know, though, that even the most intrepid young explorers of the Concrete Jungle might need some help now and then to get them through the thickest brush. So, we compiled a handful of ideas from our staff members' imaginations and came up with The New Victory Theater Summer Fun Field Guide!

Inspired by summer events and the shows coming to our theater next season, we've got a set of five pages coming your way. We hope our field guide, complete with facts and activities, will help keep your kids curious and active while homework is out of sight and out of mind!

Click here to download page one of our Summer Fun Field Guide. Once you download and print (or pin!) the page, you might want to use our handy .GIF tutorial below to help you build your loop-de-loop paper airplane. And when you do complete your handmade aircraft, make sure to tweet or Instagram a photo, using #newvic!

1. Fold paper in half long-ways.

2. Fold down the two top corners so that they meet with the center crease.

3. With those folds, you have created a triangular top portion. 
Fold down that portion along its natural crease.

4. Again, take your top to corners and fold down. This time, don't meet the center crease with your folds, but leave about an inch between your fold and the center crease. Do this with both sides.

5. Fold up the bottom triangular shape, over the two corners you've just folded down. This will act as a stopper to hold in the corners you've folded down.

6. Now, fold the entire plane back along the initial center crease. 

7. Fold down the side of the plane so that the straight edge meets the center crease. 
Do this on both sides.

8. Now that you've created your plane's wings, fold up the back corners of each wing, which will help create the loop-de-loop effect!

All done! Now, decorate your creation, give it a throw, and maybe even create obstacles for your plane. Can you make it fly through a hula hoop? Don't forget to share your creation with us online!

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