Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reflections from our Summer 2014 Apprentices

It's a bittersweet time here at the New Vic. The theater is buzzing as we get ready to usher in our new season, but with the school year starting back up, it also means saying goodbye to our summer apprentices! We've had the delight of working with another exceptional bunch of students over the past few months and as their last week with us rolls around, reflection on their time with us is a recurring theme across all departments! (If you know a college student who you think is a right fit for our apprentice program, have them apply now for a Fall 2014 Apprenticeship with us!)

We asked the apprentices who have been here all summer to answer the question, "what surprised you about your time here?" We received back a variety of responses that, happily, illustrate exactly what we love so much about having these young people working alongside us-- from their fresh perspective on providing fantastic arts programming to families, to their enthusiasm for getting an inside look at each and every department at the New 42nd Street! Here's what they had to say:

Matan Skolnik, Communications
Junior at University of Michigan
People often warn not to go into the kitchen of your favorite restaurant, as you'll never want to eat the food again once you know how it's made. The opposite is true of The New Victory; I wish people could come spend a day watching the staff plan for the coming season, so that they could see how dedicated and passionate people are about the organization's mission and ideals. I was happy to learn that there are indeed companies where the magic is just as real on the inside as it seems from outside. You don't find that very often.

Nick Walsh, Artistic Programming
Senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey
At New Victory this summer, I was surprised by how vast the field of educational theater is. There are so many applications for theater, and I was truly able to see its impact on young audiences. I was also amazed at the high quality of the work and how kids grasped concepts that I would have thought would be too abstract for them. I was also able to see first-hand how this kind of work is created, and how more programs like LabWorks need to exist to facilitate the creation of work at this caliber.

Mamie Zwettler, Education
Junior at NYU
I really enjoyed Victory Dance! I was able to witness some really incredible performances. But more importantly, I loved seeing the students filled with such delight while watching a show filled with a variety of high quality dance mirroring the diversity NYC has to offer. I can't wait to watch this program continue to grow.

Tom Ishizuka, New Victory Operations
Sophomore at NYU
I was very surprised to see that an organization of such a size can still maintain a level of horizontal respect between employees in the workplace. It was very refreshing to see that every employee seemed to be integral to the operation, and everyone's opinions were valued.

Jasmine, Communications
Senior at Barnard College
I was really surprised to learn the history of the theater. It was interesting to learn how the theater has changed over the years from being an adult film movie theater to a theater dedicated to providing an amazing arts experiences for children.

Shobhit Jain, Studio Operations
Sophomore at NYU
Having the opportunity to shadow other departments was exciting for me. You don’t find many internship programs that allow students to explore in-depth what the other departments at an organization have to offer, and I believe that’s why this internship is better known as an apprenticeship. A student is not only taught by one exclusive mentor; instead, he or she has the opportunity to learn from multitude of mentors within the organization and discover more about his or her professional strengths, aspirations and interests. This has opened my eyes to the many career paths I could pursue as I grow older and become more equipped to enter the working world!

Corinne Fitamant, Communications
Senior at Fordham University
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the New Vic’s artistic programming includes productions and theater companies from around the world. The New Victory is a very unique place where kids can see international shows—I think it’s important to remind kids (and adults!) that art and artists come from all different countries, not just America.

Kristina Morse, Development
Senior at Muhlenberg College
I was surprised and delighted not only by the way that every department works as a team, but that the whole company works as a team. I have found that it's rare that everyone knows and cares about everyone else at an organization like they do here. People here will ask how your weekend was and how your family is doing; the environment of the New Vic is friendly and welcoming and I wasn't expecting that! Personally my mind has changed about the nature of the theater world outside of performing. I never imagined I would try anything outside of performing, let alone really enjoy it! I have had such a great summer at the New Vic learning about the other facets of theater as well as learning about nonprofits and all the effort that is made on both fronts to make the performances accessible and successful.

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