Thursday, December 11, 2014

The History of Chinese Circus at the New Vic

By Janette Martinez, Fall 2014 Communications Apprentice

Happy Birthday to The New Victory Theater!

Nineteen years ago today, we opened our doors as The New Victory Theater for the first time. Each year on December 11, we love to reminisce about all of the shows that have appeared on our stage, while celebrating the shows we're currently presenting.

In our nineteen years, we have consistently presented a wide variety of circus troupes. Each group of performers is always different from the next, and each circus is always an exciting addition to our season.

One of the art forms seen most on our stage through the years (including currently with Cirque Ziva!) is Chinese Circus! This ancient art form has wowed our audiences on eight different occasions since 1998, with amazing acrobatics, fearless athleticism and spectacular artistry. Let's look back at the tradition of Chinese Circus at the New Vic!

Our first Chinese circus appeared on our stage when the New Victory was only 3-years-old! The New Shanghai Circus would soon become recurring favorite, as they performed here two other times since then. 

It became clear with our second show that Chinese Circus was a hit with audiences. The Peking Acrobats were a part of our 2000-2001 season. 

During our 2002-2003 season, the New Shanghai Circus returned, this time as our holiday show! It took two pages of the New Vic brochure to capture the magic of this large-scale production.

This was not the last time a Chinese circus would end up as our holiday show. (Spoiler alert: Cirque Ziva this year is also in our holiday slot!)


For our 10th anniversary, the New Victory brought in a new Chinese circus troupe called The Golden Dragon Acrobats. Not only was this a new company for The New Victory to present, but it looks like our brochure got a makeover! (P.S. Recognize the name of this troupe? That's right! They're the same team that's behind this year's Cirque Ziva!)

The New Shanghai Circus returned in 2007-2008. Their circus skills sure did look spectacular on the cover of our New Vic Bill. 

In our 2011-2012 season, the New Victory paired color and action with Cirque Shangai’s Bai Xi. That title translates to "100 Amazing Acts," and the show certainly lived up to its name.

The holiday show tradition continues this year, as we present The Golden Acrobats again, but this time with Cirque Ziva. Become a part of the tradition here and come see the show, playing through January 4th. 

Here’s to eight high-flying examples of Chinese circus represented here at the New Victory (and to many more)!

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