Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why I Give, Part 2

Why do you give? We asked our donors for their answers and we'll be sharing their replies all week long. Hear what they had to say, along with some recent responses we received from school kids after a performance of Cirque Ziva-- you'll see the impact that $35, through our Give A Kid A Seat campaign, can have. We hope you'll consider adding us to your list this holiday season!

Click to read Part 1 and Part 3.

Our daughter turned nine this past September, but we've been attending shows since we was two. I can still remember our first show, The Green Sheep in 2008. Since then, we’ve seen over 30 productions spanning our daughter’s lifetime. She grew up with the New Victory Theater. We gave as we were given: memories with our daughter to last a lifetime. We hope our contribution will do the same for many other children. - Girlie, New Vic Donor

When I recall my own childhood in a Midwestern small town, my memories of theater are the rare tickets to a college or regional production, community musicals and puppet theater offered at the local library. I knew when I decided to raise a child in the New York City area, I must share with her the special opportunities the city features, including theater. The New Vic allows me to do that on my budget. I’m a teacher who hasn’t seen a salary increase in nine years. I work with deaf high school students. I have been lucky enough to offer them a residency program with the New Victory Theater since it was initially offered to schools to participate. I have watched my students transition from shy participants to confident actors, a coming of age on stage. I don't give, but a good friend of mine does. He does because he knows that it's a way he can make a difference and bring joy to others. He gives because he loves me and my daughter. -- Liz, Teacher and Parent of New Vic kids

To support the New Vic's Give A Kid A Seat campaign, visit and donate $35, or share our video with your network online using #GiveKidsArts! 

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