Thursday, January 8, 2015

What's your arts resolution?

Raise your hand if you're sick of the same-old resolutions.

In 2015, we're resolving to setting some goals that we'll actually enjoy achieving. Rather than making unrealistic plans to get our money's worth out of our expensive new gym membership, we're going to go the arts route. Seeing more shows? Reading more Shakespeare? Now those are some resolutions we can stick to!

Personally, after seeing a show at Jazz at Lincoln Center with my family while they were in town for Christmas, I've decided to listen to and learn more about jazz. Wynton Marsalis led the band and told the most interesting anecdotes about each song. I can't wait to learn more about the humongous impact that jazz music has had on American and global culture. But also, listening to more jazz will be fun!

So, I wondered what other artsy resolutions people might have. I asked you on Twitter and Facebook pages, but I also asked our staff members. Below is a collection of my favorites. (P.S. It's still  time to join in and make your own arts resolution! Tweet it at us, or leave your response in the comments. Let's make 2015 our artiest one yet!)

"In 2015 I will photograph more!"
- Alexis Buatti Ramos, Creative Services Manager and Staff Photographer

"I've actually resolved to see my first opera at the Met this year, having been inspired by the production of The Magic Flute I saw here at The New Vic! :)"
- Rhesa Richards, Executive Assistant

"One of my resolutions is to engage in artistic self-expression more, because it's actually been years. I used to play the piano, but I want to learn a portable instrument. I also used to take photos, and I'd like to get back into that. Another resolution is to surround myself with more art, and of broader varieties. Most of the art I've consumed in the past year was just TV or films. I want to read more novels, see more live music, and even fill my home with better visual art."
- Bryan Drenner, Web Developer

"My resolution is to make it out and see MoMA PS1 museum."
- Laura Knutzen, Operations Coordinator

"I have written one bad first draft of a novel. Now I have to make the time and commitment into putting it in real shape to maybe submit to a publisher!"
- Melissa Kalt, Senior Manager of Individual Giving

"Don't know if it counts, but in 2015, I am going to learn French and read a book in the language...language is an art!"
- Josh Peters, Group Sales Manager

"I would like to visit more art museums this year. I had a chance to go The Whitney and MoMA toward the end of this year was totally inspired. I am also interested in seeing more public art."
- Courtney J. Boddie, Director of Education/School Engagement

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